Adult Services

Outpatient Treatment for Adults

We provide outpatient treatment and psychiatric medication management to adults with mental illness.

Older Adults

Adults age 60 and older can receive individual and group counseling, psychiatric medication management and employment help in our program. We connect clients to community resources for housing, medical help, insurance benefits and in-home support services. Through out wellness centers, older adults can participate in group activities, classes, support groups, volunteer opportunities and weekly outings.

Young Adults

We have special programs for young adults ages 16-25.

Intensive Services for Adults

Adults suffering from serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression often experience frequent hospitalizations, incarcerations or homelessness. In some instances, we can provide them with psychiatric and medical care at home, at work or in community settings such as hospitals or court.

Residential Treatment Programs

Jump Street and Excelsior House  provide short-term crisis residential treatment for adults having acute mental health issues. These programs are short-term alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization that help clients stabilize, develop new skills, form relapse prevention plans and connect with community treatment and supports.

Via Avanta is a residential program in Pacoima that provides women struggling to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol, as well as mental health issues and domestic violence, with a safe and supportive living environment for up to a year. The program welcomes children up to age six, who can live with their mothers while they undergo counseling and group therapy, attend parenting classes and improve life and job skills.

Employment Services

We help adults with chronic mental illness find jobs. Clients learn computer skills, resume preparation, and interview strategies, such as how to dress appropriately for job interviews. Peer advocates from the Urban LA Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness provide clients who have found jobs with ongoing support. LEARN MORE

Wellness Centers

Wellness Centers at the Culver City and Inglewood sites offer classes, groups and projects that foster physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Members regain old skills and develop new ones, breaking down the barriers that have isolated them from the community.